The Start of the Ed Whalen Story

Capturing Legacies is thrilled to have been selected to chronicle the life of the legendary Ed Whalen.  The press release is here.

This Sunday, we made the trip out to Canmore to conduct our first interview with Nomi Whalen, his wife of 34 years. She shared some fantastic stories with us and gave us a rare glimpse of the real man behind the voice.

Nomi is a collector of collections, not the least of which is Ed’s numerous awards and memorabilia. But her prized possession is a ring secretly commissioned for her by Ed in 2001. While he never had the chance to see it finished, the jeweler made sure that Ed’s final gift made it to Nomi’s finger, where it has remained ever since.


Here is a link to the video of our interview with Nomi Whalen talking about her Ring Story.

Famous Biographies

When most people think about biographies they think about famous people.  Of course, you expect that famous people lead interesting lives, that is why they are famous.  Here at Capturing Legacies Inc. we believe that EVERYONE leads an interesting life, it is all about perspective.

Just for fun though, let’s do a poll about 10 randomly selected famous people and you can tell us who you would most like to read the biography of…

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