E0002 – Liam Rathgeber – The Law and the Sword

On this episode of the “A Story Not Forgotten” podcast, guest host Al Del Degan interviews Liam Rathgeber, Anthologist at Capturing Legacies Incorporated. Liam is a Photographer, Writer, Senior Copy Editor and Motorcycle Guru.

Liam tells us a story from when he had a very interesting confrontation with a police officer on his way to a medieval sword fighting competition.

Liam can be reached at either http://CapturingLegacies.com or on his photography website http://trathoriginals.com

The medieval sword club that Liam spoke of is: http://www.dragons-own.ca

If you have a story to tell, and we know you do, reach out and we will get you on the show.  In the meantime, be sure to capture your full life story for future generations to enjoy. Capturing Legacies offers an array of story recording and writing services to capture and produce the life story of any person, company, place or thing.  

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