Journaling – A Priceless Gift to Humanity

Leonardo da Vinci

Do  you journal?  For many people that do journal, they think of it as their own private diary or resource that helps them keep track of their thoughts as they make their way through life.  It is interesting to note that hundreds of years into the future, those same thoughts might be an incredible gift to mankind.  In the case of Leonardo da Vinci, he documented his thoughts in great detail with images to help describe his forward thinking ideas.

In an episode of “Gates Notes“, Bill Gates talks about one of Leonardo da Vinci’s journals that he recently acquired and how the scientific detail in da Vinci’s journals was so far ahead of its time.

Perhaps in your journal you are not solving any major scientific problems, but when you sit down to record your memoirs or autobiography you are definitely going to have a valuable reference to trigger old memories.  If you don’t yet journal then you better get started!

If you have inherited old journals from a family member who has passed on, consider our  Audio Journals project to bring their words to life.  Alternatively, using those journals along with information from surviving family members and also research, we can put together their life story to be enjoyed and cherished for generations to come.

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