E0039 – Michael Sterling – Just Go For It

Joining A Story Not Forgotten all the way from Australia for Episode 39 is Michael Sterling, a London-based entrepreneur originally from Lithuania.

When he had a dream and everything fell apart, he still found a way to make it happen, and wants to share his story today to inspire everyone to do the same. Don’t give up when things look hopeless, and you too can get where you need to be.

Michael heads a company which specializes in helping photographers to market themselves, growing their businesses and reaching new clients. You can find him here:


If you have a story to tell, and we know you do, reach out and we will get you on the show.  In the meantime, be sure to capture your full life story for future generations to enjoy. Capturing Legacies offers an array of story recording and writing services to capture and produce the life story of any person, company, place, or thing.

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