E0041 – Gina Morrill Olson – Speed and Salt

Photo credit: Phil Hawkins - I Shoot From the Hip Photography Way back in Episode 4, we met Liane Langlois, who borrowed a bike from a friend to race on the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats. Now we bring you the origin story, with the owner of the bike, rider, and artist, Gina Morrill Olson, as … Continue reading E0041 – Gina Morrill Olson – Speed and Salt

The Legacy – Issue #3

It's here, Issue #3 of The Legacy Newsletter There is a lot of great information in this issue. Please share it with the seniors in your network. If you would like to contribute to The Legacy newsletter, please contact us today.

Why we should visit our Grandparents

Visits give us a chance to evaluate their health, safety and well-being.Perhaps the most important reason to visit loved ones is the chance to check up on their happiness and health, and make sure nothing has changed of concern you since the last time we saw them. If your senior loved one lives alone, a … Continue reading Why we should visit our Grandparents

The Legacy – Issue #2

Better late than never... we launched Issue #2 in December 2018 but forgot to do a blog post about it. Here is a link to the latest issue and stay tuned as we put the finishing touches on Issue #3 to be launched in early January 2019.

E0036 – Bob Wilkie – The Long Road to the Beginning

Bob shares the story of how he went from a kid with a dream, through victories and horrors, to play in the NHL, but that’s just the start of his story.

Legacy – Thinking LONG Term

British Mark V tanks When you think about a person’s life history, often that person doesn’t think their life was that interesting.  What they don’t realize is that their life story is incredibly fascinating to everyone else. In fact, everyone is interesting, and the simplest things that we all take for granted are often what … Continue reading Legacy – Thinking LONG Term

SRCA Tradeshow Oct 17

Please join us at Swan Evergreen Village on October 17th 10am - 1pm for the Seniors Resource Council of Alberta Tradeshow.  Capturing Legacies will be doing a presentation at 10:30am on "History should be told by those who lived it".  We look forward to seeing you.

E0035 – Mandy Watson – Round Toed Sensible Shoes

Sometimes it doesn't even matter if you follow the advice of a fortune teller because either way, they see the future.

E0034 – Morto – The Man They Call Morto

In Episode 34 of the A Story Not Forgotten Podcast, Liam sits down with a fellow rider at the annual Triumph Motorcycle rally (the 4th episode with Rally folk, if you’re keeping score), the man they call Morto.

Join Us on August 1st – Historic Calgary Week at CPL

Join us at the Central Calgary Public Library during Historic Calgary Week (July 27 - August 6) for our presentation on writing your life story.  Learn what you will need to know when it comes to documenting your life story or the story of your family. Wednesday, Aug. 1st,  10 - 11:30 a.m. Calgary Public Library (Central) … Continue reading Join Us on August 1st – Historic Calgary Week at CPL