E0040 – LeeAnna Vamp – The Ghoul Of Your Dreams

LeeAnna Vamp shares a story from the set of her travel and ghost hunting show “Ghosted”, where she found a bit more than she was looking for and learned a deeper truth about herself in the process.

E0039 – Michael Sterling – Just Go For It

When Michael Sterling had a dream and everything fell apart, he still found a way to make it happen, and he wants to share his story to inspire everyone to do the same. Don’t give up when things look hopeless, and you too can get where you need to be.

Catherine Mitchell Leaves Her Legacy

Catherine Mitchell at St. Francis High School I would like to tell you a story. This story is dedicated to Catherine Mitchell, Capturing Legacies' first client and an incredible human being. Some years after having to say goodbye to the love of her life, Theo, Catherine found out that she was terminally ill. News that … Continue reading Catherine Mitchell Leaves Her Legacy

You Have A Story To Tell & Here’s How To Do It

Join Capturing Legacies at the Central Calgary Public Library for an informative and thoughtful presentation on how to easily capture your story. We will provide practical information to help you get your story out of your memory and into writing so that you can pass your legacy down to future generations. Date: Saturday April 6th, … Continue reading You Have A Story To Tell & Here’s How To Do It

E0038 – Scott Pickett – барсук

Scott "Badger" Pickett shows us that you don't have to make elaborate plans to have a great adventure. He hopped on his motorcycle and travelled from Dublin to Yekaterinburg and learned a lot of things about the different cultures along the way.

E0037 – Oliver Miguel – Love Letters and Mixtapes

World renowned musician and ridiculously happy guy Oliver Miguel shares a story of a family stuck 11,000 kilometers apart but held together through the power of love letters and mixtapes.

Ask The Trusted Expert Series

On February 20th at Foster's Garden Chapel and on February 21st at South Calgary Funeral Centre, Al Del Degan from Capturing Legacies, along with other experts will be presenting several topics to do with the question: "What is your legacy?". The presentations will be the same at both locations so simply pick the date or … Continue reading Ask The Trusted Expert Series

The Legacy – Issue #3

It's here, Issue #3 of The Legacy Newsletter There is a lot of great information in this issue. Please share it with the seniors in your network. If you would like to contribute to The Legacy newsletter, please contact us today.

Why we should visit our Grandparents

Visits give us a chance to evaluate their health, safety and well-being.Perhaps the most important reason to visit loved ones is the chance to check up on their happiness and health, and make sure nothing has changed of concern you since the last time we saw them. If your senior loved one lives alone, a … Continue reading Why we should visit our Grandparents

The Legacy – Issue #2

Better late than never... we launched Issue #2 in December 2018 but forgot to do a blog post about it. Here is a link to the latest issue and stay tuned as we put the finishing touches on Issue #3 to be launched in early January 2019.