E0041 – Gina Morrill Olson – Speed and Salt

Photo credit: Phil Hawkins - I Shoot From the Hip Photography Way back in Episode 4, we met Liane Langlois, who borrowed a bike from a friend to race on the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats. Now we bring you the origin story, with the owner of the bike, rider, and artist, Gina Morrill Olson, as … Continue reading E0041 – Gina Morrill Olson – Speed and Salt

E0040 – LeeAnna Vamp – The Ghoul Of Your Dreams

LeeAnna Vamp shares a story from the set of her travel and ghost hunting show “Ghosted”, where she found a bit more than she was looking for and learned a deeper truth about herself in the process.

E0039 – Michael Sterling – Just Go For It

When Michael Sterling had a dream and everything fell apart, he still found a way to make it happen, and he wants to share his story to inspire everyone to do the same. Don’t give up when things look hopeless, and you too can get where you need to be.

E0038 – Scott Pickett – барсук

Scott "Badger" Pickett shows us that you don't have to make elaborate plans to have a great adventure. He hopped on his motorcycle and travelled from Dublin to Yekaterinburg and learned a lot of things about the different cultures along the way.

E0037 – Oliver Miguel – Love Letters and Mixtapes

World renowned musician and ridiculously happy guy Oliver Miguel shares a story of a family stuck 11,000 kilometers apart but held together through the power of love letters and mixtapes.

E0036 – Bob Wilkie – The Long Road to the Beginning

Bob shares the story of how he went from a kid with a dream, through victories and horrors, to play in the NHL, but that’s just the start of his story.

E0035 – Mandy Watson – Round Toed Sensible Shoes

Sometimes it doesn't even matter if you follow the advice of a fortune teller because either way, they see the future.

E0034 – Morto – The Man They Call Morto

In Episode 34 of the A Story Not Forgotten Podcast, Liam sits down with a fellow rider at the annual Triumph Motorcycle rally (the 4th episode with Rally folk, if you’re keeping score), the man they call Morto.

E0033 – Paul Holmes – Musical Journey

For Episode 33 of A Story Not Forgotten, our guest is a musician who has been performing all over the world. Paul Holmes is a former member of the Stampede Show Band who now plays French Horn and Mellophone with the Band of Outriders. He discusses his musical journey, the time it took him somewhere … Continue reading E0033 – Paul Holmes – Musical Journey

E0032 – Jessica Nigri – Kind of a Crappy Story

In Episode 32 of A Story Not Forgotten, Liam is joined by spokesmodel, voice actor, and cosplay superstar Jessica Nigri as she shares a story about how she and her family used to amuse themselves back in the day. (And why you should never share eyeliner with her...) View the Video Version of this Episode … Continue reading E0032 – Jessica Nigri – Kind of a Crappy Story