From Day One

boysincanoeYour children are the most important part of your life. Every day, they will do something to put a smile on your face or bring a tear to your eye.

Here is a chance for you to capture the fleeting and yet profoundly important moments in your child’s life, starting their legacy from day one.  Imagine how will it feel to give them a documented story of their journey, allowing them to look back and remain connected to their family, friends and life changing memories.

Imagine if you could, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, make notes, write stories, capture photos and video, and organize memories. At any time you can share all this information with friends and family and even allow them to contribute. You can record the names of their schools and teachers as well as the instructors and friends they had for camps, music lessons, and sports teams. The best part is, when they grow up they can take over their own project and record their new memories as they happen. Something akin to journaling only so much more.

Preparing a life story project when you are approaching old age is time consuming, expensive and very difficult due to fading memories. Recording someone’s life as it happens is easy and fun to do. I bet you wish this was available when you were still a child!  This is the living diary of their life being told as it happens.

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