Life Story Ambassador Program

The Life Story Ambassador

The Capturing Legacies Life Story Ambassador (LSA) program is designed to provide an opportunity for motivated outgoing individuals to become part of the Capturing Legacies team, yet be in control of their own time and the way they want to work.  Almost like a small business franchise, but each LSA operates under contract as a representative of Capturing Legacies Inc. They are able to put in as much or as little time as they wish and they have multiple opportunities to earn unlimited income.

A Life Story Ambassador is the front-end consumer-facing aspect of Capturing Legacies.  The LSA finds, meets, supports and manages our clients. It is a combination of a project manager role, a client representative role and a business development manager role.  

LSA’s are active in their community keeping their eyes and ears open for opportunities to talk with people about getting their life story / autobiography / memoirs underway.  Our goal is to make sure that everyone on earth starts journaling regularly at the very least, but preferably that they begin writing their life story. We always say that it doesn’t matter if they hire us to help them or if they do it all themselves, the most important thing is that they get their story recorded.  We are always here to help when they need us.

Capturing Legacies develops marketing materials, processes and ultimately produces the “finished product” that our customers hire us for, but it all starts with the LSA.  There are opportunities for LSAs everywhere in the world. Once they find a potential client, they meet with them and go over the products and services that we offer. They produce quotes for the client using our custom quotation generator and they prepare agreements and work with the client to secure the retainers.  Once a client is active, they have the opportunity to be as involved in their customer’s project as they would like to be. From interviewing through transcription, story writing and editing there is plenty of opportunity to earn hourly rates above the commission structure. It is very easy for the LSA to be just a hobby business operating in your spare time, or to take it on as a full-time career.  The income potential is limitless and Capturing Legacies is behind you all the way.

What makes the LSA opportunity so special is the stories.  There are few other opportunities that allow you to sit down with a stranger and hear the story of their life.  Learn of their triumphs and accomplishments as well as their trials and sorrow. Each life is different and each life is full of excitement and intrigue as well as history.  


To be a Life Story Ambassador for Capturing Legacies Inc., you are outgoing and confident and you love to hear stories.  You are creative and always looking for ways to engage with people. You are passionate about history and you truly believe that everyone has a story and those stories need to be told.  You are compassionate and have a deep appreciation for the experiences of others.

We do not have a “franchise fee” with the program, but there are some costs involved as you are essentially operating your own small business.

Get Started

If this program interests you, please contact us to find out more about the program, the costs involved, and how to get started.