E0039 – Michael Sterling – Just Go For It

When Michael Sterling had a dream and everything fell apart, he still found a way to make it happen, and he wants to share his story to inspire everyone to do the same. Don’t give up when things look hopeless, and you too can get where you need to be.

Von Wong Finds His Purpose

https://youtu.be/JdJdy5exaCo Sometimes a person's life story is about their search for their purpose in life.  Benjamin Von Wong is an incredibly talented photographer who spent his life trying to figure out what he was meant to do with his life.  He came up with a formula that lead him to a purpose of bringing people's … Continue reading Von Wong Finds His Purpose

E0001 – Al Del Degan – The Power of Motivation

On this inaugural episode of the "A Story Not Forgotten" podcast, host Liam Rathgeber interviews Al Del Degan, Founder & Anthologist of Capturing Legacies Incorporated. Al is a Photographer, Writer, Software Developer and Entrepreneur. Al shares with us the reason behind Capturing Legacies Inc. and tells us a story from when he used to work … Continue reading E0001 – Al Del Degan – The Power of Motivation