E0041 – Gina Morrill Olson – Speed and Salt

Photo credit: Phil Hawkins - I Shoot From the Hip Photography Way back in Episode 4, we met Liane Langlois, who borrowed a bike from a friend to race on the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats. Now we bring you the origin story, with the owner of the bike, rider, and artist, Gina Morrill Olson, as … Continue reading E0041 – Gina Morrill Olson – Speed and Salt

E0038 – Scott Pickett – барсук

Scott "Badger" Pickett shows us that you don't have to make elaborate plans to have a great adventure. He hopped on his motorcycle and travelled from Dublin to Yekaterinburg and learned a lot of things about the different cultures along the way.

Von Wong Finds His Purpose

https://youtu.be/JdJdy5exaCo Sometimes a person's life story is about their search for their purpose in life.  Benjamin Von Wong is an incredibly talented photographer who spent his life trying to figure out what he was meant to do with his life.  He came up with a formula that lead him to a purpose of bringing people's … Continue reading Von Wong Finds His Purpose

E0004 – Liane Langlois – Go Faster

[Content Warning - Mild course language] On this episode of the "A Story Not Forgotten" podcast, host Liam Rathgeber interviews Liane Langlois.  Liane is the founder of the Motorcycle Safety Society and the Captain of the Kootenay Rat Raid. Liane shares an exciting story of when she rode a friend's motorcycle extremely fast across the Bonneville salt flats in … Continue reading E0004 – Liane Langlois – Go Faster