Thoughts to Leave Behind

Share Your Thoughts to Leave Behind

helping-eachother-800x800Have you ever wished you could have done things differently?   Apologised when you could have, forgiven when you could look them in the eye, or have just given them a piece of your mind?  Except, it was too late.  Here is your chance to get it off your chest and create a space of peace within yourself.  Even if they have already passed away, you can still unload the burden and claim freedom from unfinished business that has been lingering for years.

Or perhaps, you may be nearing the end of your journey but you deeply care about passing your wisdom to the new generation.  You can do it here, creating legacy that will outlive you.

Whatever your message and the emotions behind it, we are here to help you.  We do not judge, we are an impartial, compassionate team that is here to help you open up your heart. Capturing Legacies can help you record your thoughts in your own words and pass them on to anyone, now or in the future.

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