Book Writing Workshops

Many people don’t know where to start with writing and publishing biography/autobiography/memoirs, or what we call a Life Story Book.  You can always hire Capturing Legacies to take care of the project for you, or you can enroll in one of our Book Writing Workshops and tackle the job yourself.

These workshops typically consist of three half-day sessions that provide you with the information, and more importantly the start you need to get your project off the ground.  Also, you can sign up for any of the available sessions, which gives you the time you require in between sessions to get work done.  You can attend each week or wait multiple weeks between sessions, whatever works best for your schedule and time commitments.

Session #1 – Introduction & Interviews

In the first session we will talk about the importance of writing your life story and the general process that you can follow to make your project as easy as it can be.  You will be given tools that you can use to easily create your project.  We will help you determine the best tools for you.  We will also teach you in front of audio and video equipment how to best present your story.

When participating in our workshops, you will be surrounded by friendly people doing the same thing in a supportive atmosphere.  You will learn from each other and be inspired by how they do it.  At the end of the day, you will receive an audio and video recording of your work.  You may expect some homework, but that part will be one of the most enjoyable aspects of the experience.

Session #2 – Organization & Overcoming Blocks

In the second session we will help you create a clear direction for your project.  This is the time to share any challenges that you may have experienced, and improve your craft.  If needed, we will help you break through any inner blockages some people may experience.  You will learn new writing styles and draw from successful biographies that have been written over the years.

In the process, you will become more fluid and versatile with language, and maybe discover your creative potential.

Between Session #2 and Session #3 participants will be expected to make some significant progress on creating content for their book project.

Session #3 – Editing & Publishing

Session #3 is about bringing your complete project to life.  We will edit it, play with images, layouts and design.  This is the creative expression of your work.  You may be surprised at what it looks and feels like.

This is the time where we explore various ways of publishing your book and creating a website to reflect your stories.  We will also teach you how to use web-based marketing channels and social media to reach a wider audience.

Finally, we will look at how you can obtain the funds you need to put your book on the shelves.

Your Investment

For only $550 you will receive an amazing value.  This includes:

  • Three 4-hour group sessions
  • One-on-one advice
  • Comprehensive course materials you can always refer back to
  • Online access to your instructors outside of workshop schedule
  • Audio / Video recorded interviews
  • Drinks & Snacks

Bonus Offer for All Workshop Attendees

As a bonus, you will receive a 3 months free access to our innovative web-based technology.  This will allow you to easily manage your project and allow others to contribute.  Your project will naturally evolve, becoming a true reflection of your personality.

Workshop Preparation

We strongly recommend carrying a convenient, pocket-sized notebook or downloading a note-taking app (we are big fans of Google Keep for this) and keeping it with you at all times. Talk with your family and friends about your project. This is a great opportunity to reconnect and reminisce. Every “Remember that time when” can open up a new chapter in your Life Story Book and the more stories you have ready to tell, the better prepared you will be.

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