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share your story with generations to come.
Capture your legacy

When you really think about it, you have had an incredible life. One filled with happiness and sorrow, challenge and accomplishment, love and adventure.  When you reach the end of your journey on this earth, your legacy, your wisdom and experiences will pass along with you to be lost forever.

Allow us to help you capture your story, and your memories, so they can be passed down to future generations giving lasting meaning to your life.

A Story Not Forgotten (Life Story Book)

For those of you who have something to say, but don’t know how, or do not want to tackle the task, we will take the load off of your hands, and fully manage the creation and development of your Life Story Book project.  You will enjoy the process without the work involved.  Who knows what you may discover as you go back in time and bring to life important moments in your life?

We are the experts and we will sit down with you, your relatives and friends, and guide you through the process of bringing your history to life.  We will guide you with questions helping you go through old photographs, or we will even go through historical archives to make your life story as complete as it can be.

You will have access to a private website that only you and us can access, which will be dedicated only to you and your life story.  If others want to contribute, they will have the place to do so.  You will be able to view video clips of recorded interviews, leave comments, and sign up for updates and notifications.  Your life story, as it becomes more complete, will become your legacy.  We really want to do this for you.

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At the end of the project, you will be presented with a keepsake heirloom quality hand-bound leather book that can be passed down to future generations.  Your family and friends can also receive a link to get their own copy of the book in either electronic or hard-copy format.

We take care of absolutely everything for you.  Your website will remain alive during and after the completion of the project and you can always update your story when your memory is triggered.    You will always have an opportunity to create a new book or edit the existing one.

Should the individual to whom the life story was being created pass from this world, the website can transition to a tribute site and the work can be continued in their absence.  Family and friends can connect to learn more about the history and life of that person and they can leave comments and condolences for the family who may choose to continue the legacy project.

Other Options for You

If you want to do it on your own, you can access many of our services designed to help you properly document your life, or the life of someone you love.  Here is what we can offer you:

Powerful Website for Your Story Project

Take advantage of our innovative web-based technology ( to provide a central repository for all the information and data collected as you prepare your own project.  Our technology allows you to gather, organize and document all your content and includes the ability to categorize and document as you go.

Book Design, Editing & Development

Once you have all your content together, we can assemble and design a beautiful book for you.  The book can be produced as an e-book or a physical hardcover book with various sizes, qualities and cover types that you can even sell copies online.

Multi-Media Production

You may want to have us help you kick-off your project with professional interviews and transcriptions that you can use to construct your life story.  Or maybe you have old photos that need to be cleaned up or repaired, we can do that for you.  We can also take professional photos of you or your memorabilia to include as part of your life story project.  We offer:

  • Audio Recording / Editing
  • Video Recording / Editing
  • Photography
  • Photo Restoration
  • Transcription

Legacy Story Development

Some people have the details, photos and other media but do not have the ability to assemble it together into a story.  We can take your content, organize it, and put it together in a logical flow to help bring your story to where it is ready to publish.

If you have already written most of your story, our editors are available to add that professional touch and ensure your words are the best that they can be.

FREE Templates & Tutorials

For those do-it-yourself (DIY) people we have numerous templates, designs and ideas to help you prepare your own life story.

Contact us today and get started on capturing YOUR legacy.