The late Varga family.  Frank, Anne, Henry & Ida

Capturing Legacies helps you effortlessly preserve what matters… your story.

From the beginning of mankind, stories were the key to the passage of knowledge, memories and experiences from one person on to others. Tribal elders would tell stories to the rest of the tribe and warriors would tell stories of their accomplishments to children and anyone else who would listen.

Today, much of what we know has been kept alive through recorded stories. Ancient Egypt, and other long lost cultures recorded their stories and because they did, we know who they were and what life was like for them all those years ago.

Life now can still be difficult, but it is not the same difficulty as it was a hundred years ago. The people that lived back then are 100% responsible for the existence of all of us. If it was not for them, and their struggles, we would not exist today and all the things we have in our modern world would still be only a dream.

We take a lot of things for granted. How much of our past history has already been lost? Think of your own family, who were your great grandparents? What did they do, where did they come from and where did their parents come from? Most people cannot answer these questions.

The life story of every human is valuable. Those stories help make up the history of mankind and one thousand years from now, how we lived and who we were is going to be very important. Imagine how many people pass away every year that never record their stories.

Some people, however, do not capture their life story for various reasons. Either they don’t know how, they don’t think their story matters, or they are unable to get the help that they need to get it done.

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